SkyHarbor Servers Funding Raffle

2 min readDec 20, 2022


Help fund our servers here ⬇️!

Happy Holidays from the SkyHarbor team!


Hello, fellow Ergonauts and NFT community members.

The SkyHarbor team has been hard at work building and maintaining the most used NFT marketplace on Ergo, as well as promoting the Ergo NFT space to outsiders. With the recent drop in ERG price, our funding has lulled and we need some temporary funding to support all of our services. These include:

  • SkyHarbor API Servers
  • Blockchain Scanner Servers
  • Image Optimization
  • SkyHarbor Explorer Server
  • Frontend Hosting

While we have features in the works to give us funding in the near future, we need your help to fund the next 2 months’ server costs.

We have been working extremely hard for almost free for the past 7 months because this space has the potential to be big, and we want that potential to be reached. This is why all of the raffle money will only go to server costs to continue our vision of a great Ergo NFT space.

What we can contribute to the public with this funding

With this funding, we will be able to keep all of our processes online. This means our public API that allows for NFT projects to get for-sale NFTs easily onto their own UI as well as our website itself. But we will also release our own explorer to the public to hopefully relieve some strain on the main public one.

We are also building documentation so it is easier for people to utilize our API, allowing for more calls to be made to it and a richer NFT ecosystem.


With this funding, we will be set for the next 2 months of development. Remember, this is all going towards paying our current server costs, none of this money goes to the team. The raffle ends in ~2 weeks, around January 3rd.

We also designated 5% of the proceeds to the winner of the raffle, so a random person who donates will receive 60 ERG in winnings.

Again, you can find the raffle page here: Any amount helps.

Happy holidays everyone!

— SkyHarbor Team




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