SkyHarbor Artist Guidelines

A must-read for artists planning on verifying their collection on SkyHarbor NFT marketplace.

3 min readApr 22, 2022

Collection & Artist Rules:

Collections and artists are NOT allowed to do the following:

  • Use their mint address after verification to remint previous NFTs and resell without indication they are remints.
  • Use their mint address after verification to mint NSFW art.
  • Use their mint address after verification to mint copies of other artists’ art.
  • No minting the same artwork on multiple chains without a disclaimer.
  • If any of your minted art is found to be stolen, or for sale as NFTs elsewhere, your collection will be unverified.
  • For now, we do not allow NSFW content, but in the future, we may have an NSFW filter to allow for it.
  • We do allow for AI-generated art, but collections MUST disclose if they use any out-of-the-box AI-generated art programs (Ex: DALL-E, Midjourney). There will be a disclaimer on your collection page displaying so.

SkyHarbor Guidelines *READ IF APPLYING*

Welcome to SkyHarbor!

Since we are all witnessing the beginning and growth of Ergo NFTs, there is still much to do in this space in terms of setting standards in NFT minting.

On Ergo, the most important metadata on an NFT is the mint address. The mint address shows which wallet has minted the NFT and cannot be spoofed, so it is the source of truth for our NFTs. An example of this on Cardano would be the PolicyID, but with some different functionality.

Not only is the mint address important to prove that your NFT is not a fake, but it is also used to categorize projects on the SkyHarbor platform. If an NFT has a mint address in a specific collection, the NFT is placed in this collection. Collections can have multiple mint addresses, but mint addresses can not have multiple collections. This means if you have minted multiple projects under a single mint address, there is no guaranteed way to split these projects up into different collections on SkyHarbor.

An example of this would be if an artist minted a project called Super Monkey Ball Club, and then continued to mint a completely different project called CryptoErgoPunks, we would have to list them both under the same collection and they would be mixed in together.

This is why it is very important for artists to create a new mint address for every new project. Worst case scenario, we can assign both mint addresses under a collection, but we can not split different NFTs on the same mint address.

It is up to the artist to make sure they follow this guideline since any other metadata is not reliable to categorize NFTs. If you accidentally mint and sell NFTs at the same mint address, you will have to remint on a new one if you want it listed on a new collection. We have separated certain collections with the same mint address on SkyHarbor out of common courtesy for the artists who are on the forefront of Ergo NFTs, but this is a one-time thing as it can not scale.

To avoid falsely claimed collection scams, we will be searching submitted mint addresses on official social networks and websites. If we can not find the mint address that was submitted, we will contact the owners of the project to confirm the address.

Mint addresses are a somewhat exploitable standard for NFTs, with the artist being able to mint as much as they want with no limit. anon_real (Ergo Auction House developer) is working on a collection standard that can hopefully get rid of the single-wallet-holder bottleneck and undisclosed minting. Until then, if a project breaks the rules above, it will be unverified.




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