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JPEG Mania begins September 23rd to October 3rd.

SkyHarbor, represented by DALL-E.
SkyHarbor, represented by DALL-E.

What is JPEG Mania?

Today, we are announcing a 10-day-long event where users have the chance to win ERG and Ergo NFTs just by using SkyHarbor. If you buy an NFT worth over 5 ERG your address will be entered into a raffle and airdropped a prize from our JPEG Mania Winnings Box.

How To Participate:

  • To enter, you must buy an NFT worth at least 5 ERG
  • UPDATE: The seller of the NFT worth over 5 ERG will also be entered to win a prize!
  • Every qualifying purchase is another entry to win prizes
  • UPDATE: There is a max of 20 entries for sellers (to give collectors a fair chance against creators). You can still stack your buy entries on top of your sell entries to get a total of greater than 20.
  • Can’t buy an NFT from yourself
  • If we recognize people trying to exploit the rules, they will be excluded from winning prizes
  • Starts September 23rd (12:00AM UTC) and Ends October 3rd (11:59PM UTC)

What Can I Win:

  • 200 ERG — Distributed between 4 winners at 50 ERG each
  • 2 Cybercitizens NFTs
  • 2 ERGnomes
  • 2 DinoEggs
  • 2 Glezcóns
  • 4 Crypto Stonks
  • 1 ErgoPixel
  • 1 Aneta Angel
  • … and more!
SkyHarbor's top collections and home page.

Let The Mania Begin

Ergo NFTs are a great lot and there are plenty of wonderful options to choose from. We want to award our users and give them a taste of what's to come!

As always, do your research on the collections you buy, there are social links on the collection page for you to review. The airdrop will end on October 3rd and we will distribute the prizes then. If you bought in the correct time frame then there is nothing you need to do, as we will get all the information from the blockchain. Good luck to everyone!

To join our community, make sure to follow us on Twitter, or join our Discord server.




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