How To Sell Your NFTs on SkyHarbor

2 min readMar 19


While many believe selling an unverified collection on SkyHarbor is impossible, it actually very much is.

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List Your NFT For Sale

Go to your wallet page, wait for your NFTs to load, then click sell on the NFT you want to list on SkyHarbor.

When an NFT is listed on SkyHarbor without a verified mint address, a collections page is created for that mint address, and the NFT is listed there ({mintaddress}).

Sharing the Link

Share the collections page link with your followers and ensure they know to only purchase from that specific mint address.

Buying from The Token Page

Users can also buy directly from a token’s page, whether it is verified or not. Any community member can share a link here to show they are selling an NFT. Here’s an example of an unverified token for sale: (Note: This is a test NFT, and we don’t recommend buying it).

Understanding Verification

The main reason we have verification on SkyHarbor is to ensure that the mint address of an NFT is genuinely from the artist. This is to prevent scams that come rampantly with a decentralized smart contract.

We then added perks to being verified, such as a unique readable link to the collection page, a profile picture, and project details, and sales analytics.

We realize now that some of these perks are too important to only be available to verified collections, so we will be working towards a solution to allow anyone to create a collection that includes a profile picture, project details, and analytics.

Of course, this comes with the risk of scam projects being credible, but this will hopefully be prevented based on community education on risk in the NFT market.


Upon the upcoming release of ErgoPay, it is essential to implement a collection upgrade for the Ergo and SkyHarbor NFT community in order to facilitate scaling. Additionally, a new collections standard, EIP-34, has been introduced which enables the generation of standardized metadata for any NFT minted under a specific mint address, as well as information of the collection itself.

In the near future, Lilium, an innovative NFT minting and vending platform, is set to explode the ecosystem with new projects as the barrier to minting is decimated. As a result, we are committed to delivering an exceptional secondary marketplace experience for all these emerging projects!

As always, we are listening to your feedback, you can tweet us @SkyHarbor_io or reach out on our Discord server.




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